Specialized in the production and trade of ornamental stones, this company carries out innovative and high quality projects in material such as marble, granite, quartz, among others. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

Fabrics, furniture, accessories and finishes produced only with natural and organic raw materials such as silk, linen, cotton, leather, among others. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

23-year tradition

luxury furnishings, detailed in leather with a broad spectrum of textures. It is recognized for its manual manufacturing and custom design process. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

outdoor furniture for home, hotels, and corporate environments. Their products are of high quality and possess extreme resistance to the elements such as sun, rain and wind. These pieces are custom made. They are unique and exclusive to us. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

37-year tradition

with 20 years of tradition, Oliver is a reference in the brazilian furniture sector. A company that leads the market with innovation in design, finishes and technology. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

22-year tradition

the house specialty is rug and high quality carpets produced with innovative techniques and state of the art technology. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

40-year tradition

St. James is the most respected manufacturer of silver plated hollowware in Brazil. In a world where most products are meant to be quickly replaced, St. James products offer a rare proposal, giving those who use them, the right to believe they will last forever. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

40-year tradition

this company’s specialty lies in the creation and production of exclusive collections in bedding, table and room-decor. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

30-year tradition

one of the most renowned Brazilian brands of luxury furniture. They are known for their work with exotic woods, which can be seen in pieces of furniture that embody a unique and timeless design. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

40-year tradition